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LAN resetting to proxy + unknown processes

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Last week i wasn't able to use my internet banking due to the https certificate not being recognized. At the same time, some websites would not load, and Chrome kept saying i wasn't connected to the internet - which i was, as pages loaded normally on my phone. I reset my router to factory setting and reconfigured the network settings to no avail. It was only then that i found that my LAN is set to a proxy server on Once i unchecked that, everything was fine, but that option gets checked again (with a different port) everytime i reboot.

As i was snooping around my active processes looking for the issue, i stumbled upon some that i didn't recognize, most notably one called SYS*MY PC NAMETAG*50.EXE, apparently related to powershell. It's located on the Java folder under syswow64, but it didn't exist until recently and i haven't updated Java in a while. It also eats up a shitload of memory...

There's a few other processes i couldnt recognize, but i figured i should get a full activity log analysed by someone who might be able to pinpoint if there's any malware around. Could you guys please help me out?

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