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Computer Slow, Freezing and High CPU usage

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Hello. I have been having quite a bit of trouble with my PC. I recently began having issues about 3 weeks ago. As soon as i start the computer it is very slow to start up and takes about 3-4 minutes to completely get to the desktop with all startup programs running. Which i have about 8-10. My computer specifications are :


GPU: GTX 1080

CPU: I7-6700

RAM: G. Skill RIPJAWS 16gbs

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X Gaming 7 rev 1.0

4 seagate hard drives at 7200 RPM


I had tested all of my components and I had faulty RAM, I then ordered new ram and installed it. It solved nothing.

It is lagging and so slow on the desktop and my cpu idle's between 30-80% and that is not normal for my setup. The CPU usually runs between 6-14%.

All the games that I play on this computer completely freeze or lag and or crash on start up. I have tested about 20 of my steam games.

I have ran multiple malware scans, and nothing is coming up. I use Malwarebytes 3.0 and it has been updated today.

I also use Avast and ran multiple scans and nothing was found as well.

I honestly believe there is severe malware, adware, trojans, rootkits or something that is causing this.

The computer is about a year old and I am quite tech-savvy but I am at a loss of what to do.


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Hello Larry. I actually have good news. After all the component testing, malware scanning and drivers/window installations I seemed to have somehow fixed the CPU high use issue. I decided to do Microsoft's "Reset" computer option and everything seems to appear to be very stable, I am no longer crashing while playing any of my games, there is not lag or stutter as well as no FPS loss. I am bit confused though since I had done a clean install of windows 10 pro from a usb and every time It was unstable. Perhaps My USB drive was infected. Either way, everything is in working condition as of now.

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