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I have a lot of favorite songs, but some include:

Iris - the goo goo dolls

I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik

It's My Life - Bon Jovi

Next 100 Years - Bon Jovi

So Far Away - the goo goo dolls

Ain't that Unusual - the goo goo dolls

to name a few :)

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@ noknojon

Ah, I suppose <_<

I own almost all the goo goo dolls albums, all the creed albums (other than the newest get together one they just put out), and a couple of handfuls of other cd's from different bands...

A lot of these songs have special meaning to me too, they really speak to me, if that makes any sense.

I do like some harder ish stuff though, I like some stuff by Sentenced and Opeth, and I like some Linkin Park stuff.

I've never heard of the Jersey Boys though, I'll look them up sometime.

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@ mountaintree16 -

One of is shownig their age <_< - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons were very big at the end of the 50's through the 60's and just into the 70's -

Hits like Sherry ~ Walk Like a Man ~ Rag Doll ~ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ~ Candy Girl - :)

Bob Gaudio was the song writer of the group and wrote for many others of that era (mainly 60's) -


Like the new car -

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@ noknojon <_<

I'll check em out sometime :)

I don't know too many songs/bands from that era, other than the Beatles which I like and Grateful Dead etc which I haven't actually listened to, just have heard of them.

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