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error 732(0,0) how I fixed it (got the clue here)

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I had problems updating MBAM for a week, getting error 732 (0,0). I also was unable to update SAS, Sandboxie, RevoUninstaller and was thinking I had malware. For me it turned out to be very simple (once I figured it out, and probably no surprise to the mods/admins here ) . :D

From reading a thread here I learned that MBAM uses IE to update. It said to make sure IE is online, not offline. Since I never use IE, and had never had to open it to update, I was surprised when I launched it and it said it was offline, would I like to connect? Once I did, all updates worked fine.

The thing that's different from before is that now I have to open IE and go online before I update every time. That's no big deal but it might help others to know if they are having problems.

For me this all began when I tried (and failed, twice) to install IE8 from the Windows AutoUpdate offering. I don't know if that changed some settings or what, but I'm sticking with Firefox and IE can just sit in a corner and sulk. Except when I need to update MBAM!! :)

Hope this helps somebody - Thanks for listening!

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Can you please add an option for Internet access configuration in MBAM?

Not just taking settings from IE?

I guess, add an proxy server option, or direct accces etc.

It would be very fine for everybody here.

My IE must be set for using proxy due the VPN connection, but Firefox is set for direct Internet Connection.

MBAM looks just for IE settings...



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What was interesting to me is that apparently SAS, RevoUninstaller and Sandboxie all use IE settings to update as well since they were all unable to update after my failed IE8 installation attempt. I never knew that before.

I'll check and make sure IE is set to no proxy (it used to be, who knows what might have happened). I'm really grateful for this forum as it gave me the clue to solve my problem. I'll certainly post back if I have future problems (fingers crossed - I hope not! ) MBAM cleaned a lot of infections out of this hand-me-down computer when I first got it and it's a great program, thanks to you all! :D

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@ Panoramix0903

I can copy & paste your comments and send them upstairs, but the admins, most likely saw you post by now! Please post back if theres anything else we can do. regards...

I am satisfied with MBAM, only the Internet Access settings is not so good, as it shoud be :-)

Thanks for your post

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