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Malwarebytes conflict with Windows Defender after Windows 10 Update 5-1117

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I just updated WIndows 10 (64 bit). I am running MWB 3.0.0.

Now, Malwarebytes and Defender are not compatible.

If Malwarebytes is running, the "Real Time Protection" in Defender gets turned off.

I never had this problem before the update. They both worked together with no issues.

I clicked on "Never Register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center" and the real time protection turned on.

Does this affect how Malwarebytes will protect my computer?

Is there an update in the works to take care of this problem?

Thank You!

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Hello, PPg--

Thank you for checking with us!

We actually just released a new version of Malwarebytes earlier this week:

There was an issue with Defender that has been corrected, so I would suggest you upgrade to v. 3.1. You can set the Windows Action Center settings however you like--you can leave it at "Never register" if you like.  This just means you won't see Action Center notifications regarding Malwarebytes, but it doesn't affect the program's protective capability.  But if you want to change it back to the default "Let Malwarebytes decide" then it will register Malwarebytes alongside Defender and you'll see both there.  


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Thanks for your feedback.

I just downloaded and updated Malewarebytes and I still have the same issue.

The only way these two products can work side by side is if I keep this setting "Never Register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center."

Hope this gets fixed in a future update.

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The only solution to this problem that worked for me can be found here:


Thank you, Malwarebytes, for wasting a couple of hours of my life. It is pathetic that you would now replace the antivirus upon installation. I will never trust you again.

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