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Random popup windows (sometimes "innappropriate") on Chrome

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for the past few days, i keep getting random popups. and yeah, some are.. on the sexual side. i don't think anyone can imagine the fear when you realize you have 2 windows open and the other one is two large-chested anime girls with all their parts out. 

often times they seem to hide themselves and i don't realize a pop up has actually showed up since it shows up as a new window. i'm sure there's been times when they've been left open for hours. just about 15 min ago, one randomly popped up and i caught it. they seem to be only in these categories: rogue programs (fake AV), iphone giveaways/general free stuff giveaways that take your money in the end, and pornographic game advertisements. 

it's not like i'm clicking on random websites, i make sure just to stick to wikipedia(or wikis for shows and stuff), youtube, gmail, and other google websites.

i've been scanning a lot for the past few days and MWB does detect PUPs in google chrome's directory which might be the cause. each time i try to remove them, they come back a bit later. (and yes, i always restart to "complete the removal process")

they're annoying, but i'm also concerned i could get a worm from one of these things if i don't have one hiding somewhere already. (Plus theres something definitely wrong anyways.)

i uploaded the two files i need, FRST.txt and Addition.txt if anything else is needed let me know.

(also, yeah, im sure its clear in those scans that i do have a few cracked programs installed, however i've had them installed for a very, very long time with absolutely no issues.)




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