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This is probably something I just don't understand or setup correctly.  I have MB3 set to automatically update.  I was under the impression that if there was a program update that it would be automatically be applied.  It does not.  Nor do I receive any notification that there is an update - either via MB3 or email.  I usually find out about it from a 3rd party web site.  Then I come to the forums and download the update and apply it.  Is this normal and how the update process works?  Thanks. 

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Usually with major new version releases, we roll them out to users gradually as not to bog down our servers too much and also in case there turn out to be any bugs we didn't spot during testing so that fewer users end up being affected should we end up having to pull the build and push out a patch.  Eventually you would have received a notification about the new version.  It would have downloaded the installer during an update and you would have seen a tray notification from Malwarebytes telling you that the new version was ready for installation, prompting you to proceed with the upgrade.

That's only for full version releases though.  We often release what are called component updates or "CU" which go out silently and install automatically without any notifications or prompting.  CU packages allow us to update individual components of the product without having to push out a full installer when we have fixes and/or improvements for an individual module in the product such as one of the protection components.  When one of those is installed it changes the "Component package version" info which is one of the items listed in the "About" tab in the main UI.

I hope that helps to clarify things.  Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with.

Thanks :) 

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Where would I go on this site to check that I have the latest version of all components?  For example, I have / 1.0.122 / 1.0.2044.  I started to download the file and the download screen said  So apparently I have the latest and greatest installed.  And my version is newer than what is available on the site.  My question is I can't find where the version information for all these components is kept so I can verify I have the latest and greatest. 

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11 minutes ago, share3141 said:

My question is I can't find where the version information for all these components is kept so I can verify I have the latest and greatest. 

The database changes many times a day and it would be an impossible to keep a list of all of those changes. As for the rest, you can just look at the forums if you need to keep up with product and CU releases.

If your MB program is doing its job all of this is automatic even if it is delayed due to metered rollouts.

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