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I want to get rid of malwarebytes

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This is stupid as censored, I read around some places and guides and followed em -- how to remove a website from being blocked -- I added it to exclusion list, yet its still blocked.. i uninstall malwarebytes.. still blocked -- what the censored? 


There's no system right click  add domain to exclusion list, just the fact that I have to make a censoreding account here is horrible, waste of time -- fix your stuff.


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I'm sorry that you're having problems with Malwarebytes.  Since you stated that even after removing Malwarebytes as well as disabling web protection that the site was still being blocked, it is likely that it isn't actually Malwarebytes blocking it at this point (even though it was originally, assuming you saw a web block notification from Malwarebytes about blocking the site and/or saw our redirect block page in your web browser).  Most likely what's going on is that DNS caching has caused the site to still fail to connect because that's how the connection to that web address was routed previously when Malwarebytes blocked it.  It's also possible that this is why excluding the website did not work correctly.  To resolve this, close all web browser windows and then click START and type cmd.exe and then right-click on cmd.exe when it shows up and choose Run as Administrator and click Yes/Allow/Continue to the User Account Control prompt.  Once the command prompt window opens, type or copy/paste the following text into it and press Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns

It should report that it was flushed successfully.  You should now be able to reach the website.

Please let me know if the issue is now resolved or not.

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25 minutes ago, idgafdeagon said:

Anyway -- even on my phone the problem still persists, site is blocked

Assuming wif-fi, that pretty much says that MBAM is not the blocking culprit on your network.

Not the same network on your phone? Then you have 2 independent systems warning you. Maybe you should take caution. Or not.

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No worries, I understand your frustration, but that said, if your phone can't reach the site then it can't be Malwarebytes causing it as our blocking functionality doesn't extend across the entire network, only the system it's installed on so it could be that it's an issue with your ISP or the website itself.  You can try pinging the website and if that gets through, try a traceroute to see where it's getting hung up (it will likely show a timeout somewhere on the path to the server hosting the site you're trying to get to if it's a problem with your ISP or one of the servers they're routing through to try and reach the website; that info can be useful should that be the cause so that you can contact your ISP to let them know where the issue is on their network).

By the way, do you use anything else for blocking websites such as a filter built into your modem/router's software?  I only ask because something like that would affect all devices on your network.

Of course, if you're using your phone provider's network to access the web and not your home internet connection, then it's pretty much gotta be an issue with the website you're trying to reach.

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