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MBAM V3.1.1.1722: Heuristics scan complete in 1-2 secs

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This is on Windows 10x64 Pro Build 15063.250 V1703 with the beta version of Malwarebytes

When running a system scan or a customs can of my system SSD which is a Samsung 950 Pro NVME M.2 SSD partitioned as the C and D partitions, the scan runs fine.  However, when the scanner jumps to the heuristics scan component, it finishes the heuristics scan in 1-2 seconds.  My system is fast, but not that fast. :)  

Logs are attached.  





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With the way heuristic scans work, it could possibly be finishing this quickly (we've made a lot of improvements with our scanning engine). You can verify it's working by adding the following the registry key to your system to simulate something that heuristic scans would detect. Simply download the attached .reg file and double click to import it

This is not an active threat, it's simply one registry key that indicates a piece of software may be on your machine and needs to be cleaned up by our heuristic scans


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Wow, I guess my gaming machine is "that fast".  The test registry key was detected by the heuristics scanner.  Thanks for test sample and for your prompt response to my concern.  It was also detected on my other machines where the heuristic component does not complete so quickly....but still pretty doggone quickly. :D

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