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Real-time protection layer turning off? Try this:

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I found this thread when web protection would not turn on and this worked.  Note: this is for premium users

  1. Open up Malwarebytes and navigate to the Settings -> My Account tab
  2. Take note of your license key and save it
  3. Uninstall the current version of Malwarebytes by using the Control Panel
  4. Once uninstalled, download the latest Malwarebytes 3 from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3
  5. Install the latest version and activate it with your key from step 2

I just thought I would update the topic if people are having this issue

Oh I also will add control panel did not fully remove the older version. during the reinstall process I just deleted the Malwarebytes folder. also it prompts you to restart your computer after uninstall I recommend the restart as it did a quick update during restart. Question: about step 2 save it that don't mean copy does it. So I just wrote it all down.

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Hello @morpheus50

If you find the uninstaller did leave behind some Malwarebytes files/folder please consider using the MB-Clean tool to completely clean your system of the previous MB product.

We also have the latest Beta build for 3.1.1 which has a lot of performance relate and other fixes. This build has been working well for a lot of our users.

The way you would want to run the scenario is:

1. Run the MB-Clean tool to clean up your system. The tool will ask for a reboot which is recommended.

2. After reboot the MB-Clean will give you the option to re-install the MB 3.x product.

3. Click on No for now as the reinstall is linked to the public 3.0.6 build. 

4. After you click on "No" to reinstall the product, run the Beta installer. You should be able to activate the beta product with your key.

Links to the MB-Clean tool and latest Beta build are as follows:

MB-Clean: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

New beta build: 

Thank you,


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