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Beta Installation.

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Had two Desktops(A,B) and one Laptop (C) running MWB Premium : 1.0.103.   "A" has Windows 10 Pro , "B" has Windows 10 Home as does the Laptop "C".  All are at 1703  15063.250. Initially I downloaded and installed : 1.0.115 to "A" and "B".  No problems other than the Language change to English from English UK and both required a restart. When I did the Laptop, it installed o.k. but didn't require a Restart!. Checking the logs I can see that both "A" and "B" had a file in use so the restart was deemed necessary. The file was:- C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbshlext.dll.  Laptop file was replaced during the install so no restart was necessary. I don't understand that as I normally follow the same routine for all three. Anyway, noticed that : 1.0.117 was now released. Installed that to all three and no restarts required for any of them. 

Currently all three are running with no problems.  Just to make it clear, I just ran the install over the existing setup. At the moment I am only running Windows Defender with Malwarebytes3.

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That file is related to the right click menu, which means on one computer you probably right clicked at some point on a folder/file and that file was loaded. With the way Windows works, unfortunately that file has to be unloaded completely before it can be replaced, which means rebooting

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