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If you are using chrome, and you've been "hijaked" by cse.google.com...

Go to settings, manage search engines, delete the cse.google.com 

set Google back as default.

it's not a virus, so stop posting all your details online and don't pay anyone to "clean" your computer


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Unfortunately, simply deleting the search provider from the browser seldom works.  In most cases it has been installed by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that replaces it whenever it is changed/removed from the user's browser, so more often than not additional tools and/or steps are required in order to eliminate it.

And while you are correct that it is not technically a virus, it is a malicious PUP component and does much more than just change default search providers.  Also, what andrewgvozd said above is quite correct.  It is usually the case that the PUP takes the form of an unwanted browser extension (that's the component that keeps bringing the unwanted search provider back, even after it has been deleted/reset) and unfortunately sometimes identifying these extensions can be difficult as they will use names, info and icons etc. to attempt to appear innocuous so that the user does not notice them.  There are also sometimes cases where these plugins/extensions are installed alongside actual malware that likewise downloads/reinstalls the extension if it is removed so getting free assistance on a malware removal help forum like ours isn't a bad idea, especially if you want to be certain that your system is actually clean as not all threats/PUPs show obvious symptoms of their presence.  I know this because I've already come across at least 2 cases of network worms that would propagate through every network that an infected PC connects to just to install itself along with the PUPs it was pushing as pay-per-install PUPs and sponsored/pay-per-click ads are big money for the bad guys these days so they have a major incentive to try to keep their wares on victims' systems.

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