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Site still blocked - website blocked - achievers.finishagent.com |

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There was a reply to my first post about this that the site is now clean and the block will be removed.

I have cleaned out my cache for the week and every time I try to get into this site and get blocked I clean the cache and reboot my computer. I've don this 6 times now and still cannot get in.

The site's owner is telling me the site is clean. The person who replied to my post said the site is clean and the block will be removed but I still can't get in and I need to access this site to do client work. 

I don't want to get in if it's still infected but if it's truly clean can you tell me when I can expect to access the site or what I can do to make it possible to access it?

I added Achievers.FinishAgent.com and FinishAgent.com to my exclusions list.


Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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Thanks. So what can I do? I need to access Achievers.FinishAgent.com to work with clients. 

As I said, I've cleared my cache for the past week and each time I've tried to get in and have been blocked I've cleared the cache again. I've added those two urls to my Exclusion list. I've rebooted my computer more than 6 times now.

But I continue to get the warning that it's blocked. I'll attach the image so you can see what I'm seeing.


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