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v3.1.0.1716 (1.0.115) beta - X64's observations and suggestions

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I've just successfully upgraded to the new beta release from 3.0.6 CU4.1. As suggested, I ran an over the top installation. As others have done, I voluntarily rebooted after the installation although this was not requested by the installer. The installation went smoothly.

I have noted that during the upgrade, my premium (lifetime) licence and activation were correctly retained, along with scheduled tasks and exclusions.

As reported by others, the UI language was reset.

After the upgrade, updates were reported as "Updates: Current" on the dashboard, but clicking on that found more to install.

A bug that I've not seen reported yet. In the reports list, clicking the head of the "Date and Time" column to sort by date seems to sort the opposite direction to that which the sort arrow suggests (arrow pointing down returns an ascending date order and vice-versa).

I noted reduced memory footprint (now 230MB, previously 260MB), and the Office 2016 save crash was fixed.

My system is Windows 10 pro x64 v1703, running Malwarebytes 3 Premium alongside Kaspersky Total Security 2017 (MR0 patch e), and Macrium v7 Home paid.

Prior to this upgrade my issues were:
The office 2016 "save as" crash (apparently fixed in 3.1 beta)

Occasional infrequent protection start failures (any of the four real time modules), recent (pre 3.1 beta) updates much improved a previously much worse occurrence rate. Out of ten or so random failures over the past couple of months only one was not fixable by Quitting Malwarebytes from the system tray icon and immediately restarting it from the desktop icon. The one occurrence for which that cure failed was fixed by a reboot.  (3.1 beta status – unknown as of yet – time will tell)


  • Rename the default "English" language setting "English (US)". UK users cannot see it's sub-optimal for us.
  • As I suggested in another topic, add tooltips to data the "Location" and "Threat" fields of reports (and the quarantine list) to allow quick perusal of reports without fiddling with column widths.
  • As another forum user suggested, add "Stopping..." as a status for the real-time modules. You can click to disable them and not realise the click was accepted and the service is pending stopping. Then click again (which is also accepted) and eventually you see the protection turn off then flick back on again as both clicks take effect.
  • Resurect the "Known issues" list on the forum. As others have said, having forewarning of significant issues, or a place to check for known issues during troubleshooting can be a massive time saver. [please nobody other than forum or Malwarebytes staff respond to this point - enough unnecessary unpleasantness was spread in the other topic about this]
  • "Protection History" on the dashboard does not say much useful. it needs to put the figues into context (a limited time period that the counts cover?) and maybe even click through on the "Scan detections" and "Real time Detections" figures to lists of those detections.


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Performed 'over the top' install to bump beta version to (1.0.117) from


  • The installation went smoothly I was not asked to (and did not bother to voluntarily) reboot.
  • Display language again reverted to the generic "English" from my preferred "English (UK)".
  • Report "sort order" bug reported in my post above still present.
  • Again immediately after the Installation wizard completed and I fired up the UI, updates were reported as 'Current' but immediately found more to update when prodded.


  • I had not experienced any obvious extra issues with the v3.1.0.1716 (1.0.115) beta other than those noted in my post above (my primary web browser is Firefox).
  • I'm unable to comment on any issues with difficulty starting protection components with this or the previous 3.1 beta. Whilst in the 3.0 builds I was experiencing occasional issues with all real-time modules (see post above) it was infrequent enough that statistically, I'd not be likely to see it in the so far short public lifteime of the 3.1 betas (the suggested exclusions were set in Kaspersky over most of those issues).
  • I think all of the other things I wrote in my OP above are still relevant. 



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Regarding updates being reported as "Current" when in fact a new database or databases are available; this occurs because Malwarebytes will always report updates as being current as long as they are not older than a specific number of hours/days (I believe it is 1 day/24 hours).  This is not unlike how AV products and other AM products typically report their up-to-date/out-of-date status (otherwise it would require the software to basically be constantly checking in with the update servers to verify that there is no newer update available, which would mean a lot of unnecessary bandwidth used, both for the users/customers as well as for our own update system).  That's also why it does not say something like "Latest" or "No updates available" because it cannot know that until it has first attempted to check for updates.

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