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New Version Won't "Install"

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According to one part of malware, I have the latest version but another part of the software says I need to update. I follow the instructions, click on the "restart computer" button, but it just keeps saying it needs to download and install the newest version. The orange window pops up occasionally to let me know. When I check for updates it says I'm current. I've been running on this computer for a few months without issue. It also seems to scan without issue. The only thing is the "need to update" loop I seem to be stuck in.




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Apparently the update from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 is not working right.

Under Settings/Applications Update you can try Install Application Updates but if it still does not work try the Mb-Clean route as noted below.

The newest version is CP 1.0.103.


Read this thread to use Mb-clean to uninstall old version and install the newest.


Jim :ph34r:


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