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Token not found error when trying to activate license

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I have been going back and forth with support for over a month and still no resolution.

Each response tells me to do the same things I have already done. Use the uninstall utility, reboot, let it reinstall and then apply my key.

Each time it fails with the same error, I respond to support and then wait another 48+ hours to get the same instructions again.

I have uploaded all of the documentation, followed every instruction to the letter without success. I even tried disabling anti-virus, re-running the removal tool and then reinstalled. Still same error.

I have gone through the registry removing every MalwareBytes entry left by the uninstaller. Then rebooted and reinstalled. Still no difference.

I have tried calling the corporate office, but you cannot get through to a human being unless you want to purchase. Well, I already purchased a two year subscription only to experience a complete lack of functionality and support.


Would someone from MalwareBytes please help me?

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