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possinew problem

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my wife just jumped onto the pc i forgot to take a screenshot in the fast aggressive attemt to catch and stop this possible threat fast before it did any damage!!!!!!


it was chrome browser it had a very loud voice saying windows key violation computer has been locked and will be restarted etc until fixed windows 7 invalid key something something

again sorry for not screen shooting and recording but i isolate and destroy threats immediately before they can lock the pc down

im now running malwarebytes it came up with nothing i will run dr web boot and bitdefender boot i have had phone calls about windows processes all from another country and blocked numbers of course lol its like ooo really ok i will look or they want you to look at things or do stuff so i play along but this is a first i have heard there shutting down all windows support but win 10


i also uninstalled chrome and all its history it was isolated to just chrome

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yup its a new virus or malware my license valid and still ok. malwarebytes detected zero but may have stopped lock down


dr web boot cd 2 threats bitdefender boot cd 3 threats including a windows key virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will try and research be on the look out it locked down chrome i uninstalled chrome before the screen shot trying to prevent encryption then lots of scans now windows is running fine

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this is all i can find but is not what i had mine simply said in voice and typing locked and will continue to reset invalid windows pro key something along those lines im ticked i didnt try to get the info but im not used to being on a team very sorry guys


im used to immediate threat termination

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