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I think (but not 100% sure) that since I installed the latest Windows 10 update, which brings the version to 1703 and OS build to 15063.138 MBARW BETA sometimes, for no apparent reason (no message, nothing in Quarantine) start to use 1 of my CPU core (i7-4720HQ) at 100%. When that happens, I can not STOP/START protection, after which I try to stop/restart the service. It takes several minutes, before Windows generates a message that it can not be done, but it actually stops it and it closes the GUI as well. After restarting the service, MBARW behaves OK - no high CPU usage, I can START/STOP protection. MBARW version is, Comp.Upd.Pack. 1.1.46 from 18.04.2017 9:04GMT.

I also run MB Anti-Exploit BETA, Comodo Internet Security Premium, Zemana Anti Logger All of them seem to work OK, with no consistent high CPU usage and/or irresponsive GUI.

Any idea why this happen and what can be done?


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Hi Jong Purisima,

I hope you find some useful information in the zip/logs I sent, meanwhile I think I found some pattern. Today MBARW exibited this behavior twice within 1 hour! Both times right After Comodo Internet Security HIPS/Sandbox modules stopped for a while some programs (false positives) which I promptly allowed, and then Comodo let them run, but both times MBARW is left stuck - GUI is not responsive plus 100% usage of 1 of the cores as described above and it goes on until killed by either Services or Task manager after several unsuccessful attempts... After that I start MBARW and it seems to work OK, as the GUI Start/Stop works and CPU usage is normal again...



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Hi Jong,

The version of Comodo (and all other security stuff) I am using is described in my first post - Comodo Internet Security Premium, the latest one available, but the MBARW locks might have started with the previous build, the one that was supposed to be compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 1703. Despite the name, this is the FREE version.

I don't remember exactly what triggered the HIPS/Sandbox of Comodo, but it is VERY easily triggered by most benign applications, especially installers.

The MBARW problem happens on EVERY Comodo HIPS/Sandbox alert (allowed within seconds manually from me), regardless of application/installer. Yesterday/Today it happened with some Windows Store Apps for Lenovo laptop - Lenovo Companion and or Lenovo Settings METRO apps. It does happen with desktop applicatons/installers as well.




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