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MBAM 3 Runs, then Stops Hours Later

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Hi, all, hoping you can help.  My Windows 10 pro 64-bit machine will start up normally, usually between 0600 and 0800 local time, without any problems.  MBAM runs at its scheduled time of 1300 local, and usually reports no issues.  All of the selected options remain active, and the scan record shows that they found no malware.

Sometime between 1315 or so and 1700, I've noticed that MBAM will stop responding to attempts to open the application on the desktop, and it will also not perform any context-menu requested scans.  Looking in task manager usually shows MBAMService, MBAM, MBAMTrayApplication and occasionally MalwarebytesAssistant (multiple instances) residing in memory but not using any CPU time (even after requesting a start).  Restarting the machine re-enables the application for several hours, but then after about 7 or 8 hours, it quits responding again.


Log / scan files attached.






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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes

You can try the steps I mentioned HERE to see if it fixes your issues with Malwarebytes, however looking through your logs, you could you some expert assistance to clean up the computer some... it does show signs of a possible infection or leftovers from one...

So, for expert assistance, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

It explains the options for free, expert help -->>AND<<-- the suggested, preliminary steps to expedite the process.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue.

Thank you

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Thanks for your response.  I decided to use the cleaner and reinstall, which seems to have installed the latest version without any issues.  I'm not going to wait up to see if it solves the main issue, but I'll leave the computer on overnight to see if MBAM will open in the morning.

Naturally, I'm curious about the hints of an infection you mentioned -- both MBAM and Defender routinely show the computer as clear, and I don't recall cleaning off any major infections recently... what logs/entries gave you that idea, if you don't mind sharing...

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Glad to hear you had success on the Malwarebytes issues...

As for what I saw in your logs... it does not necessarily mean your infected per say, but there is a lots that can be cleaned up to make the computer run smoother...

Things that are trying to load for example but no longer exist... alternate data streams that need to be cleaned up... just to name a couple..

I would recommend getting it looked at, and its free too... but again that's up to you..


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