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Mbea-test.exe does not get blocked by mbam 3.0

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Since a short time, the anti exploit of malwarebytes 3.0 does not block the test exploit file from Malwarebytes anymore. When I press the exploit button, it can open the calculator without any problems. The anti exploit is enabled (although it had some problems to keep turned on after the creators update but it works now). I attached the test file in a zip file.

Is there anybody else experiencing this issue? I just want to know for sure that my anti exploit is working fine in case a real threat shows up.


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Hello @Vincent50

The mbae-test tool will not work for MB 3.0.6 if the Self protection is on.

Just for testing purposes, you can turn off the Self  protection under Protection/Startup Options (Enable Self protection module)

Please make sure you turn on Self protection after your test.

Thank you.

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@nikhils Thank you for your quick response. I thought the anti exploit was not working properly so thank your for your explanation. 

May I ask another question to? Since yesterday does Malwarebytes (malwarebytes service) take 2GB+ of RAM and sometimes like 25% of my CPU (see attached image). It is so high for like 3 hours or more and yesterday it was also pretty high all the time. I guess this is not normal behavior. I checked for log files but in the "C:/ProgramFiles/Malwarebytes/anti-malware" folder is no folder called "logs" located. If you tell me how to find the logs then will I attach them (or in a new topic if you prefer that).

I was not scanning or using malwarebytes Just browsing and working some with office.



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Hello @Vincent50

I apologize for the Self protection information. If you are a licensed user and If your exploit protection is On, then the mbae-test tool run in the exploit mode will always be blocked and you should see the pop-up. (Posting a picture)

The only way the calculator would show up when using the Exploit option would be if your product is in the Trial/Free mode because Anti Exploit is off.

Can you try the test one more time and f it does not work can you please run the mb-check tool and post the log:  https://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mb3_check

Thank you,



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