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Cant get anything to run!

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Okay, Ive spent the better part of 4 hours trying to fix my computer. Ive had a friend try to fix it with me earlier as she knows more about this stuff than I do. Anyway - We deleted files that were not in use or looked suspicious, did a ccleaner, rebooted, did a system scan and STILL we cannot get MBAM or HJT to run. The only scanner we can get to work is clamwin and it only finds 1 thing and deletes it after tunning for over an hour! Every time we try to run Mbam or HJT, it goes for about 3 seconds and just dissappears from the screen. When we try to reopen it, it tells me that it cannot acces the path or file - that I may not have permission to do so. Can anybody help me out here so that I can avoid a total wipe of the system?!?!?

Im on Windows XP and currently have no AV (used to be Avast, but was deleted while working on this) and my firewall is the Windows Security Center standard firewall.

As a side note, when I serach for something through say Google, I get results, but when I click on the link it always leads me to a malware product page - each one different! dont know if that matters...

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry but the best thing to do is to start over fresh, with a new clean Windows XP install (and certainly NOT a repair install either). The system seems to have severe issues, and you have to be concerned about it's long term security and security of your information.

See this article Malware Removal: When to Flatten and Reinstall Windows

Also see this article on how to do a clean (new) Windows install


The fact that this pc does not have a currently installed and up-to-date antivirus is not good.

The fact that you're blocked from running some key tools is not good at all.

Have your antivirus setup program handy & nearby (saved to CD or other offline media).

Do a clean install of XP and immediately install the antivirus before anything else (and do not go on web until it is in place).

Next, after that, check in at Windows Update and get current.

Also, invest time and effort into regular system backups, and image backup program.

Having recent (offline) images would have saved you this pain.

5 steps to help protect your new computer before you go online


Good luck.

p.s. I will not be watching this thread

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