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Malwarebytes - The parameter is incorrect

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Hey there....so can I can get some help on this PLEASE?!?!?! It similar if not exactly the same thing that bobbysaggers was having issue with.

**FYI: I'm using my laptop as my desktop (which I use for work and basically everything) is the one infected.**

So my situation is that I don't download things very often, but I did so yesterday and BAM! My computer is screwed. Stupidly I let my Norton 360 expire before renewing it recently and I have been meaning to renew it for the last couple weeks, but just haven't gotten around to it. I'm usually pretty careful about checking things out first and making sure they're good etc., before downloading. I was in such a hurry though that I didn't look to see there were no comment on this torrent. After I installed the so called 'program' with all the trojans, malware and viruses one might be led to think my computer was a freakin petri dish.

I realized VERY quickly that something was a amiss unplugged my Ethernet cord, and I'm not a total noob I immediately set out to fix the problem. I tired to run Norton, but I couldn't find it anywhere on my computer except in the 'Control Panel > Programs' area. I went into my computer to find it - 'C: > Program Files (x86) > Norton 360 Premier Edition' but couldn't find the actual application. After deciding not to touch that stuff, I uninstalled, and then reinstalled Norton - or so I thought. The install process went fine and it auto-started up. Then it extracted the virus scanner - after which it downloaded the latest virus definitions. Then it a very brief scan and said there was an error. After 'Compressing Error Files'. It finally told me 'Installation Failed: A common reason for installation failure is an infected computer.' **Side Note: No stuff my computer is infected, which is why I want to install a virus remover stupid Norton!

Anyway, it told me to get Norton Power Eraser, so I downloaded it straight from their website and clicked install. It didn't do anything. So I clicked the file again to get it to open and it said 'C:\Users\Yonaton\Downloads\NPE.exe  -  The requested resource is in use.'  Even thought it was obviously NOT in use.

After that didn't work, I went to a Malwarebytes pages and tried to download the program 'mb3-setup-consumer-' However, after attempting to install it, it closed saying that 'C:\Users\Yonaton\Downloads\mb3-setup-consumer-  -  The requested resource is in use.'

I kept getting that same message for other programs that I tired to use to delete the damned thing. NOTHING!

After that I did a Disk Cleanup in the hopes it would find most of the extra crap and delete it, although that was probably to much to ask for.

I searched for a few minutes and came across this thread and decided to give it a shot. I did as was directed in the beginning, but ran into the same issue as before. I downloaded all three of the suggested programs - Junkware, AdwCleaner and the Sophos - and all three came back with the same message as before 'The requested resource is in use.' I downloaded FRST and did the scans....so I'm attaching them.

At this point I am at a loss as I can't figure out what else to do or try without help, so please HELP!!!

Thanks so much.




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Hello @NoviceExplorer and :welcome:


Not really seeing an obvious infection. It could be that you may have a corrupt installation of McAfee. You might try temporarily uninstalling McAfee and reboot. Then see if that helps to correct the issues you're seeing. If it does, great, then go ahead and reinstall McAfee and update it and see if it's still working well.

Let us know.





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