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Malwarebytes 3.0 will not load

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I have installed the latest version, 3.0.6, and initially everything is fine. When I reboot the computer there is no system tray icon for Malwarebytes. If I try to launch it from the start menu I get a brief "thinking" and then nothing happens. If I start the task manager I can see the two processes running. I've used the cleanup tool for 3.0 and tried reinstalling it over and over with the same problem. I have no antivirus or other maleware software installed. I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

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Also, just used the cleaning tool to remove 3.0.6 and installed 2.2.1 and that works like a charm, no problems. I would venture to guess that this issues lies on Malwarebytes' end because if it were my computer then why does the older version work fine? I've also read posts from others with replies from support asking them to upload logs and such. I paid $60 for this software and it should work correctly the first time with the latest version of the software. I don't have time to post logs and such. Please fix your software Malewarebytes.

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17 minutes ago, bbn3dgrock said:

I would appreciate it if someone could help me.


7 minutes ago, bbn3dgrock said:

I don't have time to post logs and such.

Sorry but you cant have one without the other. Your welcome to use the old version till support stops 6/8/17†

Help is available for you. Might be something simple but without logs no one knows.

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I've already spent hours on this. Software should work, plain and simple. If I need to post logs in order for them to fix it then something is wrong with the software. Kind of ironic that their so backed up with responding to support emails.

Something simple doesn't require logs. The problem is not my computer, it's their software. They simply need to fix it, not try and find work arounds through logs.

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I didn't in the previous post, but this time I did use the clean tool before installing 3.0.6 and I did restart after installing 3.0.6. See attachments. I also included a screenshot showing the malware bytes processes running but no icon in the system tray. I also including the cleaning logs.








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13 minutes ago, bbn3dgrock said:

Totally understand. Apologize for my tone earlier. Just frustrated...

Many people are but on the other hand, most people are not having issues.  And for the ones who are it is extremely frustrating.  What I saw in your logs will take more work than I am allowed to provide. So hang tight and one of the staff members will guide you all the way.

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Can you try running mb-clean again? Based on the logs, it looks like it didn't run properly. To run mb-clean, you should need to do the following:

  1. Download mb-clean from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean
  2. Double click mb-clean and click Yes on the messagebox
  3. The clean process will start in the background. You may not see much happening, but wait for at least 5 minutes
  4. You should get another prompt asking for a reboot, click yes
  5. After rebooting, log in
  6. Do not click anything, mb-clean will automatically start running. After a few minutes, it should ask you if you want to reinstall the latest Malwarebytes, choose yes
  7. Once completed, reboot once more and see if Malwarebytes runs properly
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