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Exploit protection off since a windows 10 update


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Hello @MrToxx and :welcome:

If MBARW Beta8's Real-Time Protection is still involuntarily/unexpectedly disabled at this time, please follow the procedure below:

The Malwarebytes' developers/staffers/helpers must have good data for a quality fault analysis.  Please run the following Malwarebytes written data gathering support tool, on the system in question, restarted in the NORMAL boot mode:

  1. Download the trusted arwlogs.exe and save to an Administrator desktop of the system in question.
  2. Right-click the 51a46ae42d560-malwarebytes_anti_malware. arwlogs.exe icon and select RunAsAdmin.jpg Run as administrator.
  3. If a Windows User Account Control (UAC) alerts/prompts for arwlogs.exe, select the "Yes" button.
  4. If a Windows SmartScreen warning alerts/prompts for arwlogs.exe, select "More info" then select the "Run anyway" button.
  5. The details that appear within the Command window that opens should be mostly ignored.
  6. When "Press any key to continue . . . " appears at the bottom of the Command window, type an Enter key to close the window.
  7. A zipped archive (yyyy-mm-dd-{COMPUTERNAME}.zip) should have been generated to the Administrator desktop.
  8. Attach the above zipped archive to your next reply to this topic.

Please select the "Follow" button, near the upper-right corner of your topic, to receive timely notifications regarding replies.

Although more data may be required, after the requested data is posted, the Malwarebytes' staffers can commence their analysis.  Thank you always for your assistance.

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Hello @MrToxx:

I am not claiming the system in question is infected.  However, the procedures within  I'm infected - What do I do now? are very well suited for the additional information that is required.  Please begin at "Please download the..." and follow through to the end of the procedures.

Thank you again.

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