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Malwarebytes crashing. Maybe a rootkit?

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Hi :unsure:

I was being an idiot and tried to download Paint Tool Sai for free. I didn't get Paint Tool Sai but instead a zip file full of malware, I have the free version of Malwarebytes on my windows 10 32 bit PC and scanned (found 300 malicious programs and PUPs)  it after I noticed that windows defender wouldn't open and said "This app is turned off my group policy". Everything seemed to be fine until two days later when I got malware on my computer again (rogue security software, adware) on my computer so I scanned it again (900 malicious programs and PUPs) and it seemed to be fine. Then about a month passed and it appeared again (I did not download anything in between last time and this time) Although this time when I scanned the PC it found 8000 malicious programs and PUPs. When I tried to remove them Malwarebytes just froze and crashed. I then tried to open chrome and that crashed as well and puts I think a crash report onto the desktop which I will attach with this message. This time Firefox  on my desktop when I did not download Firefox and there didn't seem to be anything different but random popups saying "how would you like to open his file" when I didn't open anything and command prompt pops up for about half a second then disappears. I'm going to wipe it anyway because I'm going to get 64 bit windows on it. I thought you guys would find this interesting I think it might be a rootkit but I'm not sure. I am only 14 so please tell me if there is ay flaws in my text, I have an interest in cyber security and I would like to do something that relates to that subject as my job in the future.





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