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Shot in the dark - MBAM AE Zombie?

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OK this sounds like a stupid question but I'm hoping it turns out it's not because I'm at my wit's end. 

I have a brand new Dell identical the the prior two I have successfully setup with Office 2016 but no Malwarebytes products.  

Now I have this third computer and introduced MBAM and Anti-Exploit on top of the the Office 2016 installation.  I did NOT try firing up Office 2016 prior to installing MB products.

All Office 2016 applications crash immediately.  I can get them to run in safe mode about half the time.  Once they run initially, they stay running.  

The problem PERSISTS after REMOVING all Malwarebytes products, and also after subsequently uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2016 (even with uninstall tool, manual scouring, restarting etc...).  Office 2010 runs fine.  

This seems to be an issue around the licensing component, is my best guess.  Faulting module mso20win32client.dll.  

It seems highly unlikely, but here's the question:  ANY POSSIBILITY Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit could be responsible for this issue even after it's been uninstalled?  


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Was NOT related to Malwarebytes.  Replicated the problem on another new computer.  

Domain policy existed preventing user sign-on to Office 365.  On first run Office 365 wants to try to sign-on to obtain licensing, if it can't, it crashes hard with no informative error message.  

Normally I use a local account during first-run of Office 365 on new installs but in this case I had changed up my routine.  

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