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stops at "Pre-Scan Operations" after 13 seconds

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Hi all.

The last Threat Scan was on March 27 and it ran and completed without problems.

Since March 27, I have not updated the program or any files.

Today, however, after updating, MWB Scan functions appear to be corrupted.

Specifically, when I launch:

Threat Scan . . . stops at "Pre-Scan Operations" after 13 seconds.

Custom Scan . . . stops at "Pre-Scan Operations" after 13 seconds.

Hyper Scan . . . stops at "Pre-Scan Operations" after 13 seconds.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your comments and support.




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57 minutes ago, dcollins said:

You're on an older version, please install the latest version from the following thread:


Thank you for your support, Devin.

1.0.96 appears to have FIXED the problem - I am currently running THREAT SCAN and it is running as expected.

Thanks again!!



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51 minutes ago, RedBatman said:

I was just about to make a topic about this too a few hours ago. Same thing happened to me as well. I tought it was a glitch so I managed to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes 

Thanks for your reply RB.

Shortly after posting, I did reinstall.  Unfortunately, while my MWB version was correct as, it was Component Package 1.0.50 (confirmed by the image in my previous post) instead of CP 1.0.96 (as recommended by Devin - see his post and my reply).  After updating to CP 1.0.96, all problems appear to be resolved.

Thanks again, RB!!


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