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Multiple Problems with Version 3

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Windows 7 64 Pro SP1
Malwarebytes version Premium
Component Package 1.0.96


I've been having issues with the version 3 update. I'm sure some of these have been addressed elsewhere, so please point me in the right direction. I have searched, but there are many problems here and I don't know where to start. In no particular order:

  1. The system tray app occasionally fails to load on boot up (I'm waiting for it to happen again to get a screen grab for the error number).
  2. On boot up, usually one protection or other is off (it's not consistent which one). I try to start it manually but can't. Needs a reboot.
  3. I can't change any settings. They are not greyed out, but when I make a change it doesn't 'stick'; it reverts to the original value. I am an Administrator of this machine. Re-starting the front end as Adminstrator makes no difference.
  4. Malwarebytes seems to scan every time I start the machine, even though I don't have a scan schedule specified (and can't specify one anyway - see 3).
  5. My system has certainly slowed down overall since version 3 was installed.

In terms of other software, yes I am running MSE. I also run a Comodo firewall that recently updated itself to version 10, but the Malwarebytes problems began before that "upgrade".

Since version 3 was installed MSE detects something "mailicious or unwanted" during a scan, but shows nothing at the end of it.

Also SpyBot Anti-Beacon has configured policies to maximise my privacy and CryptoPrevent has been run at default settings. I don't think either runs as a background process.

I'd be grateful for any help. Normally I'd wait for a new version to solve my problems, but Malwarebytes is a primary defence and this version is unusable.

I attach the reqested files.






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Hello @anotheralanc and :welcome:

Thank you kindly for the attached diagnostic files.  Please delete any/all possible prior Malwarebytes 3.0 setup executables.

As the system in question seemingly has reported a file issue via the MB-CheckResult.txt file, please follow @Firefox's procedure at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/199081-real-time-protection-web-protection/?do=findComment&comment=1115645 to clean-install the release version.

Upon completion, please update with your results.  Thank you.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.

I deactivated my license, ran 'mb-clean' and rebooted, as suggested. I attach the log file. The paths it could not delete were in fact removed, I presume after the reboot.

I installed the latest version from the link, reactivated my license, turned on real-time protection, updated and scanned, all without problem.

Given that most of my issues show on booting, I did a hard reboot five times and watched the behaviour of the new Malwarebytes installation carefully. Here is what happened in the context of my 5 original issues:

  1. The system tray app loaded OK. This was an intermittent problem anyway and if it happens again I'll post a screen shot. It may be fixed.
  2. All real-time protections loaded on boot up, although a warning symbol appeared on the tray icon for a short time then disappeared during two boot-ups.
  3. I still can't change settings. More details below.
  4. The program no longer tries to scan on boot-up.
  5. I get the impression the system is less sluggish now, but no metrics to prove it unfortunately.

WRT settings, I tried changing 'Automatically download and install application component updates' and 'Anonymously help fight malware'. I didn't want to mess with
the protection settings in case I inadvertently turned them off permanently. If I change a setting, move to 'Dashboard' and back to 'Settings', my change
persists. If I change tab or close and reopen the program, my change has always reverted.

Interestingly I can add a new 'Scan Schedule', but I can't activate it!

Bottom line - the real time protection activation (2), tray app loading (1) and compulsive scanning (4) might well be fixed. The settings issue is not. It's not a
show stopper as the enforced configuration leaves me protected, but I do need a fix for this.

Thanks again,


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The 'Settings' problem appears to be a UI event handling issue, at least partly. I had been sliding the, well, sliders. It seems that only updates the screen and doesn't store the change. But if I click once on a slider, it slides across and the change is stored.

That doesn't help activate a 'Scan Schedule' though. In that case it's a check box that doesn't store its status.

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Hello @anotheralanc:

If an entry exists in MB3's Scan Schedule, then that entry will be executed when its time comes due.  What you may perceive as activation request box is a check-box, on the far left of the entry, for merely pre-selecting for editing/deleting only.

When a toggle switch is moved, right or left, unseen operations are taking place that may take a few moments to complete.

You may wish to consult the Malwarebytes 3.0 User Guide for additional information.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the clarification re the Scan Schedule.

However, the toggle action is a consistent problem on this machine. Those 'unseen operations' are not taking place when I move (slide, drag) a toggle. It doesn't matter how long I wait, the new settings value is not stored and the toggle is seen in its original position the next time it is visible. To absolutely nail this down  - it is impossible for me to change a setting's value by moving a toggle.

By contrast if I click on a toggle, the result is exactly what I expect (and what you describe). When that settings tab is visible again, the toggle is in the new position and presumably the setting has changed. The difference is unambiguous.

I can upload a screen video of this behaviour if I'm still not making myself clear.

However, since I have a workaround (the click) for the toggles and you have dealt with my confusion re the scan schedules, I can run the program and I am happy.

Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.



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Hello @anotheralanc:

If the above clean install procedure has not produced a perfectly functioning MB3 application, please use the complete reporting instructions within Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps and then you may append this topic with your documentation/data.

Thank you.

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