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MB 3.0.6 Suddenly False Pos of ACDSee 19

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Today I see a new MB definition update and now when I go to move 70 or so long random named photo files, MB quarantines ACDSee 19 Photo Manager as a Generic Ransomware program. Deleted from quarantine, re-installled and tried moving files again with same result. I've been using ACDsee since the beginning of time with MB and never have had a false positive like this. Scanned system with several tools and no detections at all. I believe MB is falsing over the long random file names which I've been doing for quite sometime. Also, MB has been starting up recently with Anti-Exploit protection turned off.

Win10 Home 64X

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Can you please zip and attach the MBAMSERVICE.LOG which is located here: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\MBAMSERVICE.LOG

Additionally, please also zip and attach the exact file that Malwarebytes Antiransomware quarantined (assuming you restored it from quarantine already).

As an additional note, I also suggest to add an exclusion for this file via the Settings > Exclusions option as well.




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The first file quarantined I deleted. After reinstalling ACDSee program entirely after uninstall it, the file didn't appear in quarantine after again being quarantined again when bulk moving the GUID named photos; i.e., {CDB0C6D3-021B-455A-BA97-125D8301978E}.jpg. I was moving about 70 photos when the program falsed both times. I can assure you that nothing was different than the file attached here since it false detected on a clean version of the file as well. Attached is a copy of the program file that is in question. I did set an exclusion for ACDSee and can now move files with no issue.


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