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Tor Browser Being Blocked

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I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for a long time without any issues.

Today I installed the Tor browser and as soon as I try to connect using it the connection is blocked by Malwarebytes.

I could set an exception but because of the way Tor works the IP addresses are different each time.

I have now uninstalled Malwarebytes Premium and Tor works without problems after I've installed HitmanPro.Alert.

So what is the issue with Tor and Malwarebytes?

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Hello @redschuhart and :welcome:

13 hours ago, redschuhart said:

"So what is the issue with Tor and Malwarebytes?"


What your system with MBAM2 Pro/MB3 Premium installed/enabled was displaying is normal operation.

As the Tor browser is negotiating the connection pathway through the Tor project's network relays and exits, a connection candidate node may be determined by MBAM Pro's/MB3 Premium's Web Protection Module to may still be currently within certain violation policies.  As the connection process proceeds, the occasional Web Protection blocks seen by the system signals the process to block the violating Tor node and seek the next logical Tor relay/exit candidate.

Therefor, MBAM/MB3 was working properly to protect the system.  It would have been undesirable to make MBAM/MB3 IP exceptions for such friendly alerts, and the Tor network negotiation would have continued through a different safe pathway.


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