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Fix PUP Removal of Advanced SystemCare - ASC

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There are many complaints of V3 MB falsely removing Advanced SystemCare, a product I have used for several years now, and teach a class touting it, and Malwarebytes.  MB is finding 600+ "PUP" entries.  I can't believe there hasn't been a resolution in all the time complaints have been overflowing.   I have been unsuccessful totally preventing the PUP finding from well over 600 (639-647 entries), to 129  with the current ability to exclude the C:\Program Files(x86)\iobit\ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE folder.  There doesn't seem to be a good exclusion method for an entire application (why can't the uninstaller list be used?).  

So I may have to stop using MB and not teach using it.  

Screenshot 2017-04-04 01.29.52.png

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Hello and Welcome...

I don't work for Malwarebytes so I can't comment on most of your concerns however I can share this...

If you unselect all items (by clicking on the checkmark where the RED arrow is showing on the screenshot below) and the selection the Quarantine Selected and in the next screen that comes up choosing Ignore Always it should no longer detect these items.


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Thanks for the hint, I was looking for a way to ignore it, although the method can open one up to ignoring valid quarantine candidates.   So I uninstalled ASC, ran Malwarebytes to catch any other PUPs, re-installed MB and then everything found is definitely ASC - now I'll use your hint to ignore the list.

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