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frustration with version 3

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It seems, from reading posts on this forum, that there are many many problems with MB version 3 ... however, the problem that I repeatedly encounter has yet to be described, so no solution has been found.  I use Windows 7 and MB version 3 .... 1469.

I am finding that version .1469 just stops working and will not open up when either the desktop short cut is used or using the tray icon.  The only fix is to reboot the computer - and this must be done, at least, once per day or whenever I have detected that MB3 is not working --- I have gotten to the point where I click on the icon several times a day and conclude that if the program does not display the opening screen, then the program has stopped working.  I then wonder when real time protection has stopped working after a reboot.  I no longer trust the automatic scan to function and only run scans manually.

When using the task manager to look at the processes that are running, often there are several instances of mbam.exe running as well as mbamtray.exe and sometimes assistant.exe (described as Malwarebytes assistant).  None of these processes can be ended.
So, my question are:  what is going on with MB3 .1469 so that it will not open?  Why are there several instances of mbam.exe running and what is assistant.exe?  How can this be fixed so that I do not have to reboot the computer to get MB3 to work?

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