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windows XP laptop wont reboot after first scan.

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Windows XP running Chrome, kept getting a "Notice of infection from Microsoft"  it locked up the machine. I installed 3.0 today. ran the scan and told it to clean up the problems. computer will not reboot. the Cap lock light comes on, the num lock flashes. it will not reboot into safe mode. what can I try? 


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First, on that "notice of infection".  Did that pop out on a web browser tab-screen ?   Did it have a so-called tech support phone number?

Don't be fooled by fake screens.   What exactly showed the "message"?  was it on Chrome browser ?


As to the pc state. First, caps lock should be off.  You did not say what is now showing on the screen monitor.

What may have happened is Windows has booted into a Temporary User profile.

Shutting down ( power OFF then wait about a minute;  then Power back ON) and restarting the machine a couple  should restore the normal Windows profile. 

or if not > open the Malwarebytes program > click on "Settings" > "Protection tab"

Scroll down to the "Startup Options" > uncheck the box beside "Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup" and shut down and reboot again.

Your normal Windows account profile should load.

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thanks for quick response. The screen is blank (black). The warning dropped down from the top of the screen while browsing. it also had a audio track of a voice telling me the infection was sending my passwords and CC info to others. I cannot use the computer to do anything, I'm using a second computer to do this. the power light is on. the "lock" icon is lit. the CAP LOCK icon is lit. the NUM LOCK icon is flashing. the hard drive activity indicator is showing no movement. the fan is running. 

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Please make it very clear, Did you Power off the system one time, yet?   If not, do do that.

A blank or dark screen just means that either the pc is stalled or that Windows has yet to load up.  This is where the power off > waiting a while, power back on will help.


Then if it is still dark, have infinite patience.  try tapping the Escape key or space bar a few times.  That my kick it into a movement.

Likewise, try making elliptical or circular motions with the mouse to see if it moves. 

Your description of the "audio track" tends to re-confirm that it was a scare-ware screen on Chrome.

Need for situational awareness
The fact "the scam" *alleged* an "infection" does NOT mean it is actually true that your machine is infected. It making an assertion is not the same as a real proof of infection.
Real proof of infection is only done by a antivirus scan locally on your machine and or a scan with reports from our Malwarebytes software program.   NOT in the borders of a web browser.
The fact that it had shown up within the borders of the web browser should be a big tip of it being fake.
Real legitimate security programs   do not display in a web browser. 


Getting rid of bogus screen (s)

One expects that next time you startup Chrome it ought not to have the scam screen any more.   But forcing Chrome to close should get rid of it.

But this is how to deal with those:

Press and hold *ALT*-key on keyboard and then tap the *F4* function key a to get the foreground windows closed and done away with.  ( repeat use of ALT + F4 sequence).

ALT + F4 is especially helpful against the smaller window ( if any) that is up in front.

Repeat ALT + F4 for each screen that the scam is on.

ALT + HOME key on the keyboard will put your browser page back onto your prior choice for Home page. That easily deals with the bigger full page displayed.
Then while still in the web browser, press and hold SHIFT + CTRL + DELete keys to start the process to delete all browser cache & history.

Another way is to press and hold CTRL key on keyboard and then tap W key.   CTRL + W
That should close the Tab page of the web browser.
You can repeat as needed.

Another way: is to open a new Tab by using CTRL +T ( that opens a new tab).  Then you can use your mouse go to the rogue tab & then click the X control on the upper right top of the rogue tab-window).
Have patience when you try this.

And, there is always the ability to end the web-browser program thru using Windows' Task Manager applet.
Click the Start button and type:
and then press Enter.
In the processes tab, find the process for whichever browser you are running:
iexplore.exe, firefox.exe, chrome.exe, MicrosoftEdge.exe, MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe 


and then click _End Process_ or _Terminate_.



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I have powered down and powered back up about 20 times. I have no cursor showing. I have tried to reboot to safe mode (using F8) and that does not work. 

I completely understand that it was a fake warning. I know that Microsoft does not know that my machine is infected and that they can't disable my computer to protect their network. but I wanted to remove the program that was generating the warning from the computer. I use Avast which cleaned a couple of items and them Malwarebytes which found 8 threats. they were cleaned. then the program said to reboot which we did, but it has not come back after numerous attempts. the computer has been OFF for over an hour now, and upon power up, it shows exactly the same symptoms as before. I have left it ON for over an hour with no success. I will keep hitting various keys and let you know. 

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