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License renewal after credit card expired

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My MBAM 2.x license expired yesterday. I had set it to auto-renew, but forgot to update credit card info to my new card I got a few months ago. Hence the automatic capture failed. License details in the application says "Protection temporarily extended after renewal failure".

I updated my payment info now to use Paypal. The Cleverbrige web site said I'll get an email about the payment "at the appropriate time". Does that mean it will re-try the payment automatically after a while? Or do I need to do anything more?

Thanks in advance for help!

Kind regards,

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It's best for you to recheck with Cleverbridge directly, either thru the web or contact them directly during their business hours.

Cleverbridge handles all payments and credit card charges.

The Cleverbridge webform for help

The Cleverbridge telephone help line during their business hours

Your license won't drop off;  there is a built in grace period.

Edited by Maurice Naggar
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On a license renewal anniversary, there is no need to do a any new install.

Independent of that, if your pc has version 2.2  you can get Malwarebytes 3.0.6 with component update 4  ( CU 4) on your own.  There is no cost for the upgrade.

See this announcement link


The Malwarebytes 3 includes multiple type of protections all in one single program.
Anti-malware + anti-exploit + anti-ransomware + web protection. Your pc will do better with it.

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which version of Malwarebytes is now on this pc?

Please let us know  the Brand-name of antivirus on this machine.  Is it McAfee, TrendMicro, Norton / Symantec, Security Essentials, Avast, BitDefender,  Kaspersky, or some other brand, which one exactly?
The antivirus may well be silently ( but innocently )  interfering with our real-time protection functions.

This report tool will collect some information on the installation of Malwarebytes and create a report for review:
Please close all open work programs and save your work.  Let's please have all open user programs closed so that you see a cleared up view to the Desktop.

Download mbam-check.exe and save it to your desktop    "from this link"
On Vista/Windows 7, 8, 10, Right-click on mbam-check-.exe & select Run as Administrator & allow to Run when prompted by User Account Control.

Reply YES when prompted to allow it to proceed.
Do have patience while the tool runs.  The tool runs super fast, and will flash a command prompt window.  
After a minute or so, or if you do not see any movement, please look on the Desktop for the file.

It should then create a log file mb-CheckResult.txt on the DESKTOP
You should attach the mb-CheckResult.txt file located on "your desktop".

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Hello again!

Thanks @Maurice Naggar and @GMork for your hints about version 3! I'm going to test it at some point (not right now though) and will report about my experiences then!

About the license renewal: I updated my credit card info, and at midnight, Cleverbridge automatically tried a capture again, which was then successful. So my license is extended correctly now.

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