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Not sure what this means. Will this continue to pop up regualrly? What is happening? I don't understand.. :( It been popping up for me this way:

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, sync-eu.exe.bid, 51649, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

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Barbara, I'm running WIndows 7 Pro and no obvious problems, bugs or changes, except that  sync-eu.exe.bid is no longer being reported via popup. You could try this latest version and if it doesn't suit you, revert back.

I'm a software hoarder! I try to keep a copy of previous versions of software. I even have Firefox 1.0PR from 2004 and MalwareBytes from 2009, which is how long I've been using MalwareBytes. If you've got an extra hard drive laying around unused, use it to store previous software versions on. Might come in handy some time.



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