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Which form of tracking protection is best?


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I see that AdblockPlus has a list for tracking protection, which is also something I can use as an extension with my browser (at the moment, Vivaldi). 

Is there any reason to use one over the other? My primary concern would be whatever might slow my computer down.  Would either of these be lighter on my system than the other? 

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Greetings :)

I'm sorry that your post got overlooked for so long, however if you are still wondering, I'll give you my opinion on the subject.  I'd definitely recommend the Adblock Plus browser extension over just using the tracking protection list, mainly because the extension has the capability to block in-line ads in addition to blocking tracking sites/servers, so pages that might otherwise be covered with annoying ads, will instead look clean and tidy thanks to the way the ABP extension works (it doesn't just block the ads/ad servers, it also re-aligns the content on the webpage you're viewing so that the missing ads don't cause the formatting of the website to look off or broken).

As far as which is lighter, I actually use both in my browser (I use several tracking protection lists and also have the ABP extension installed; though I obviously don't use the ABP tracking protection list since that would be redundant) and neither causes any significant slowdown for me that I've ever noticed.  The only exceptions I've ever seen were cases where some content on a website I visit is ad content that wasn't immediately blocked offhand by the ABP extension so as soon as it loads, the webpage quickly re-loads the page or at least that area of the page automatically so that the ad content is removed (it happens most often with things like the Google ad search links that show up at the top of some sites when you're viewing a page or searching for something on a website).

Anyway, I hope you find this information useful.

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