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What is wrong with Malwarebytes

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As a computer support person I recommend Malwarebytes to all my clients - however over the past few days something is going wrong with Malwarebytes.

Some scans are showing 10's of thousands of infections, and programs such as Iobit's Advanced System Care is now recognised as malware and gets deleted.

This is not just happening on a few PCs, but now quite a few.

I do not trust the results I get so now using other Malware programs to test against, they all report no infections. Malwarebytes is just showing so many false positives.

The last thing I want is a client find several thousand infections, quarantining them and trashing their PCs.

This is happening on several different versions of Malwarebytes, but the most common is 3.06

Please help.

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Some scans are showing 10's of thousands of infections, and programs such as Iobit's Advanced System Care is now recognised as malware and gets deleted.

This isn't a false positive, see the threads below.



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9 hours ago, lock said:

This has nothing to do with a REAL detection, it is just a long feud between MBAM and IOBIT.

Whatever is between them , shouldn't affect the regular customer, IMHO, and denotes an unprofessional behavior.

There's no grudge match that influences MBAM scanning outcomes. Avira (Panda, ESET and others as well) calls these out as PUPs as well. Because they are PUPs. You'll find the same result with many Auslogics products. As @Porthos stated, you have control over this in settings. Do what you like.

In regard to the post by @czjohns above, the comments trail to IObits Facebook post are most telling... The reply from "IObit Software" to John Klingbell s basically an admission of wrong-doing on their part.


John Klingbeil Maybe if you didn't keep trying to sneak your other applications in with your other software updates, it wouldn't be considered a PUP/PUA. It's the reason I don't recommend your software to anyone anymore and encourage people to uninstall anything IOBIT once their subscription expires. It's legitimately your own fault for this situation with Malwarebytes.

IObit Software Thanks for your advice. We'll see what we can do with that.
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The problem is the system optimizing/registry cleaning by default aspect of the program and MANY others that are also blocked as PUP's.

For example PC Matic had the same issues and worked with Malwarebytes to correct the issues that made them a PUP and now it is not detected anymore.

Iobit claims they have tried to work with Malwarebytes. But in my opinion the entire program is solely designed to preform the aforementioned   system optimizing/registry cleaning. Thus there is nothing to discuss. Those app's can and have damaged many systems. So it is aPUP.

It takes a little work that is not straight forward but you can keep any PUP if you want.

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Beware.  The bottom line is that all of the IObit programs come bundled with a variety of PUP's.  Such software is to be avoided.  Once you install such software on your computer, it will take a lot of work to remove all the "extra stuff".


It should be noted that IObit has a long history of such behavior.

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Additional information.
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