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[Resolved] MBAM Clean Tries to run empty file at login now after reinstall

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The issue has been fixed and steps to resolve are at the bottom of the post.


I have been suffering from the dreaded real time protection layer disabling itself for the ransomware since installing 3.x 

In troubleshooting I was asked to run MBAM clean and then reboot and reinstall. I have done this three times now. The issue I have now is that every time I boot my PC and login I get a notification from windows to open a file and windows does not know what to open the file with. 

A window appears. See screenshot MBAMClean_windows.png (attached)

How do you want to open this type of file (.1007) (Which corresponds with mb-clean-

How do I know this has anything to do with Malware Bytes?

If I try to open it with wordpad I get this: See screenshot MBAMClean_error.png (attached)

I have checked my startup and I do not see anything related to MBAM clean. I don't know what failed or what happened. I know that the mbam clean file is still in the downloads folder. How do I go about resolving this issue that happens now every time I login? 


After following all the steps outlined Here: 


I found the issue. From running the FRST scan 

In my Addition.txt log file I found under this section:

==================== Scheduled Tasks (Whitelisted) =============

Task: {EDDEF87A-FFF4-49FF-9216-4B2EE38ADD7B} - System32\Tasks\mbclean => C:\Users\Wooley-x64\Downloads\mb-clean- 

I then went to Start --> Tasks Scheduler --> Deleted the MBAM clean entry, 

Issue is now resolved. 

Posting this in case anyone else comes across this issue. 



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