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I am having problems with my brand new computer. I got it for Christmas and haven't had much time to use it. My hours at work stink. On Feb 2nd when I had some time to play, I went to photobucket.com so that I could get links to photos and play in a group that i am in. I Got that pop up saying that it was Microsoft, They put something in my computer. It was a fake Microsoft page that popped up, it wouldn't let me exit kept saying something.  I was tired as I only sleep about 2 hours at a time. I  called the number.  They took over my computer,  popped up a picture saying that my avast was not compatible with windows 10.  And then they were asking weird questions.  I hung up and factory reset the computer thinking that it would just rewrite over and reset back to factory as brand new. 

About a week ago I finally had time to play on my computer again. I tried to use my paint shop pro but it wouldn't open. I  tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still wouldn't open. That's when i noticed that there was still a problem. 

McAfee came on the computer so when I factory rest again McAfee was on there. I ran it just because.  And it found nothing.  

Malicious software removal tool from Microsoft shows infected files while scanning but when the scan is finished it says nothing malicious found. But when I click show details it has names there, when I click on them it says severe threat can be deleted by windows defender. 

I deleted/Uninstalled the McAfee.  Windows defender popped up as activated,  so I ran it and it has found nothing. 

I had Avast and Malwarebytes when this happened. But when i factory reset it deleted them. I have downloaded avast but it will not install is having errors installing. And Malwarebytes only downloads partially then says errors in downloading. Its like the trojan knows that i am trying to get rid of it and is blocking me. 

It is super frustrating because it is a new computer and the 1st time I really used it more than 5 minutes this happens. I  should have never called the number the first time. But sleep deprivation my brain wasn't clear. When I realized that they were fake it was too late.

I am now on my daughters computer to post on this site and downloading avast, malwarebytes and that FRST64 i see mentioned on this site to a cd to try and see if it will run that way on my computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..  Thank you soooo much for your time..

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