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This might be little messy

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Scanned with MS Defender and Threat scan with MBAM free. Saw nothing. Have been getting ungodly System and Explorer Disk spikes whenever I visit a site:


This is a translation enthusiast group of Western make, however with Eastern connections so there's a chance...

Not too sure what or how something could of installed into the background. That, or the fact I lobotomized Cortana and a few other intrusive Win10 apps and there's some sort of background issue I'm not seeing. Only error I have so far in the last 24 hour in Event log: 2 processes from winapps cortana searchui##!@#!@, that hasn't been an issue so far though.



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Shameless self bump. Also note I disabled webpage background refresh on browser. So I'm quite fearful it might be a local issue rather than a massive app plugin downloading while on site...especially not 12 minutes in and specifically told not to refresh. However this might just be pure paranoia.

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