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Malwarebytes keeps closing threads about Advanced System Care (iobit) because they don't want people talking about their battle with iobit.

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It seems Malwarebytes is going to war with Iobit (Advanced SystemCare) and thereby closing previous threads about their decision to detect ASC as PUP and therefore deleting ASC from people's systems.  As one can see from the previous threads (which have been closed from further comments by MWB)....everyone disagrees with this position of MWB.  Why is MWB closing these threads from further comments??  Because they don't want people talking about it.....because they can see the public backlash and would prefer to hide from it instead reversing this position.  Strange, as I don't see ASC detecting MWB as a bad program and thereby deleting it.

Most everyone here has had both MWB and Advanced SystemCare installed on their computers for many years and working fine with both programs.  Yet, MWB decides to detect/delete ASC from everyone's system as of a few weeks ago.  Look at the posts!!  Look at people's responses!!  MWB keeps saying their position is justified...that ASC is a PUP (based on their criteria)....and yet no one agrees.  So what does MWB do??  They close these threads and hide.

Malwarebytes needs to rethink their position here.  They need to reverse their decision on Iobit / Advanced SystemCare so that both can co-exist once again.  Strop dragging the public into your legal battles (shame on you MWB!!)!!  Listen to what the public is saying that ASC is NOT malware, PUP, or anything disruptive to anyone's computer!!!

Stop closing these threads as it only makes it look worse.  Stop hiding!!  How many subscribers are you willing to lose before you realize this was the wrong decision??!!



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