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I have a couple questions In regards to the Malwarebytes Management Console.


1) Could someone please provide me with the latest version of Malwarebytes management console. I do not see any "check for update" options in the management console.

I am currently running v. Console and the client's are on version



2) I have MBMC set to automatically send email notifications. I seem to get re-occurring email's from the same client's. Does this mean a issue persists on the machine?






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Share on other sites with mbam are a good few versions out of date. That version actually introduced a problem with PUM hits on legit GPO's and required a hotfix to version with mbam This introduced the ability to ignore GPO registry keys by allowing a wildcard to replace the user SID in the key detection. This was further expanded upon with console with mbam On March 22nd we released console, still paired to mbam 

I'm not able to link you to this latest console just yet as a bug was discovered and is currently awaiting a hotfix itself, targeted for release early next week, likely April 10th or 11th. I can link you to the update and upgrade steps after that is released.

And yes, you are correct, repeat email notifications means the item that triggered it is still present on the system. What is the detection notice you are receiving?

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Greetings.  I'm having the exact same issue and am currently running v.  Any advice or links you can provide re: update path/procedure would be greatly appreciated.

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