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Mouse drivers Faulty Or ???

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I had posted a question previously (Cue Club) that related to possible mouse driver problems -

After reinstalling mouse drivers from the install CD it seemed that the roblem was solved - (This only occured recently after 6 -8 months of playing game) -

But now I find that I must reinstall the mouse drivers (from the CD) every time I want to use this game -

I insert the CD and press for install then modify (automatic - I do nothing else) then repair (again it is automatic) then finish -

This occurs every day if I play Cue Club snooker (full version) and without doing this it is like dragging a 10 ton weight up the screen -

Not just slow (fixed in Control Panel / mouse) - If anything, I needed to slow the mouse for other general use -

USB mouse not multi pin type - Running XP SP3 and I can see no other problems


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Is it a game you own/bought? or a site you go to and play this game... 1. It may not be user- friendly with your OS/mouse?

2. You may need to review your java/shockwave/ any other programs that may be outdated? 3. The type of mouse, may have been damaged? If you believe Malwarebytes is the problem? You could take the risk of playing this game with Malwarebytes removed? I would check no. 2... post back if you find/can't find the problem. regards...

EDIT: If you need to slow the mouse down, Control Panel, mouse/keyboard, select Pointer Options, slide the bar down to slow! Or download the latest drivers (can be another issue) most CD's have outdated or old drivers on them. Go to the site who made your mouse.

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I think it only occured after a new USB mouse was installed after a multi pin mouse was worn out (too many grand children) -

The game is fully installed and requires no CD or site visits to play - Will check and reinstall Java/shockwave -

Although NO other program on the computer is in any way affected -

Thanks John -

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I have seen your post in the past, If you think MBAM is the issue, I can give you removal instructions, & a mbam clean tool. you expose yourself to malware/spyware/adware. If you want to try without mbam... I'll post the instructions.. I think your problem lies in software which is not updated, or mouse drivers which can be updated on-line... I would contact the vendor of the game! See what he says.... post back with any info or comments... regards...

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I love MBAM and would not see any reason to uninstall - I always reccomend it to everyone - (maybe it was misread or a similar name) -

Reinstalled Java, as it said I had a past version - This occurs only when starting up after a "long" shutdown / overnight -

Once I redo the mouse CD it will go away and not be of concern for an amount of time if I stay on the comp -

Will look for mouse site and game maker site - Will be a while till I can get back now -(maybe 24 hours and I will recheck all your helpfull advice)

Regards and thanks again

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Thanks so far Yardbird - Have tried all options you mentioned - Still no better - Tried again this morning (it was 8.30 am here then) -

If I put the install CD in and hit Modify or Repair it will over ride the problem almost instantly -

Might be easier to just leave the install CD in and hit it for 1 or 2 mins to solve this problem -

Thank you for all your time and energy - I know you do it for free and we appreciate it -

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Sorry for the way I wrote it - I meant the install CD for the MOUSE - That is how I have been fixing it whenever I wanted to -

The game (Cue Club) is D/load installed fully (6 or more months ago) and until recently (change of mouse) has never been a problem- (I have made CD copies of the game but they are not needed) -

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John, You bought and paid for the mouse someplace, anyway to exchange it? Or buy another kind? I suspect its in the mouse-- mouse drivers, If you want you can disconnect from the internet, & remove MBAM, you won't get infected, unless you think you might be from the past and it slipped thru the cracks? its happened. and then try the game & mouse out offline what do you think?

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Ran MBAM scans earlier (and updated) - Do you think MBAM might cause a problem ??

I can not see any reason - Might try for another mouse over the weekend I think - !!!! (They are only a cheap item anyway)

Will contact after I get one -

keep us posted if you find the prob please ! regards...

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I purchased a genuine M/soft mouse and it has improved to a fair extent -

The shortcut to Try Media was a bit unsucessful as they could not find my records on line (my fault to some extent as I could not tell them the web site I thought it was Real Games / {or similar} :D from which it was purchased or which email connection -I use at least 3 or 4 - and if it was M/card AMEX or Visa payment - no records here) -

The mouse (ps 2 M/soft) has improved to the extent that I am now reasonably satisfied with the setup -

Thank you again for all your interest and time spent on this subject -

Regards John -

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