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problems activating after running mb clean

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after I had troubles updating the database of MB 3.0 I followed your instructions and deactivated my licence, run mb clear, made a reboot and installed a fresh version of MB 3.0.

The problem with the database updating seems to be gone, but now I can not activate my license! There is always an error saying "Bei der Validierung von SSL-Zertifikaten ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Starten Sie Internet Explorer einmal und versuchen Sie dann, den Vorgang zu wiederholen."


But even after starting the Internet Explorer it won´t activate my licence! What the hell is the problem here?

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Well, the problem is, that the Internet Explorer can not connect to the https version of your website, there seems to be a problem with the security certificate. I can open https://www.google.de without any problems in my Internet Explorer, but not your website. I have searched the web during the whole afternoon and found many users having problems concerning secure websites in combination with the Internet Explorer, but every solution I tried has failed. As I am using Firefox, I was not aware of this problem until today.

So now I am having an unregistered version of MB 3 and I cannot downgrade it to version 2, as there will be the same registration problem I guess :angry: Everything was fine until I started the update to version 3...

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I guess I should navigate to the secure website in Chrome https://malwarebytes.com/ , correct? Well, Chrome isn´t showing your website either :mellow: it says " NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID " which for me sounds again like an certificate issue.

There is a saying like (I am translating it from German, so it may be not exactly right) "This connection is not safe" and it is automatically switching to http://de.malwarebytes.com and even that version is not shown. With Firefox there is no such connection problem, but this doesn´t cure my registration issue :unsure: By the way: Firefox is routing me directly to the German version of your website https://de.malwarebytes.com/

My next attempt was via Opera and the first thing that popped up was a warning saying "invalid certificate" (again translated by me). When I choose "go there anyway" it again switches to the normal version http://www.malwarebytes.com and it shows an certificate issue (see attached screenshots)

Just for comparison I attached a screen showing the same certificate details for Google, which looks totally ok.

I really appreciate your help, but this whole toppic is a nightmare for me :wacko:

Opera Zertifikat.jpg

Opera Zertifikat 1.jpg

Google Zertifikat.jpg

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Oh my god... I found a copy of that little patch and run it... Internet Explorer still won´t open your secure website, BUT Chrome now does and even the registration of MB 3 worked! It also was updating the database at the same time perfectly! So maybe some of the other users, that are having problems with the update of the database should try your tip.

Many, many thanks for your help, your effort and your patience!

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