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Memory leak while working in Sketchup?

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Since some time I have a problem with MWB while I'm using Sketchup. I've 24GB of RAM and sometime suddenly all RAM has gone and Sketchup quits. For now it happened only using Sketchup and I use V-Ray 3.4 for Sketchup to render things.

I'm not really sure when and how it happens, Sketchup is ruby based and runs lots of .rb plugins which are practically just text files/programming language. I did excluded some directories but not the right ones I guess. The screenshot is taken when my computer started to slow down but in the end it will eat up all RAM.

I also run the latest insider preview of Windows (build 15063) but I can't imagine that has something to do with it. The only way to get my memory back is using the taskmanager to kill MWB. Which is not easy when everything is terribly slow.

Anyway, I wanted to point out it has at least a memory leak but I'm not entirely sure what causes it to consume all my memory. If I can help with some other useful information I'm happy to do so, for now I just quit MWB before using Sketchup. Not really a solution but it keeps stuff a bit more stable.


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Do you know what folders you've excluded so far? We'll look into what's causing this, but in the meantime, I'd start by excluding at least these folders:

  • C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017
  • C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017
    • Note that the ProgramData folder may be hidden so you may need to turn on showing hidden files/folders or type the path in manually
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Thank you for your quick reaction. I added the one from ProgramData. I also excluded C:\Program Files\Chaos Group (V-Ray) because I wasn't sure. Bed time here but I expect tomorrow I'll be using Sketchup a lot again and I'll keep an eye on whats happening in the taskmanager. Today it happened 3 times, once while I was gone Sketchup gave an application error and shut down. Looking in the taskmanager it should all ram had gone. It happens really fast as well, at least, when you notice things really slow down it's too late ;)

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Not sure if it helps but in this video you see what happens. It's odd that memory also goes down all way to ~50MB and up again. This time I couldn't stop MBAM with taskmanager since it said access denied. But I'm sure it's either Sketchup or V-Ray that is the problem.

I also have a little video where MBAM is behaving the same way also after I closed Sketchup. If you can't reproduce it without V-Ray you can download a V-Ray trial for Sketchup at https://www.chaosgroup.com/trial/vray-sketchup I can imagine it happens after rendering but with the little teapot icon you can start a render and see what happens.

For me not a really big deal but I like to give some feedback to make things a bit better.

bandicam 2017-03-28 10-46-41-675.mp4

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