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Suspected Malware

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The system icon states "Updates: Out of Date".  If I launch the program it briefly states that the system is not protected but then refreshes to say "Awesome! You're protected".  Even though the Dashboard says everything is ok the system tray still shows "Updates: Out of Date".  I click next to Updates on "Current" to force the program to check and apply any updates.  The tray icon does not change.  I have restarted the PC and the icon is normal for awhile but changes back.  I have followed the steps in your "MBAM Clean Removal Process of deactivating Malwarebytes, de-activating AV, running mbam-clean.exe, restarting, de-activating AV, reinstalling and activating Malwarebytes, checking for updates, and restarting.  The problem persists. I created a topic in the Malwarebytes 3.0 forum and they suggested that even though my Premium version of Malwarebytes suggests I do not have an infection that there are signs of a past infection that could be causing an issue.  Before troubleshooting the update issue they have asked that I have you review my system for malicious code first. Attached are the logs requested in the "Databases Out of Date" topic of your forum as well.





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