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High CPU and Memory usage by mbam.exe svhost.exe and browsers


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Hi All


Recently after reinstalling Win 7 from version 32bit to 64bit and purchase full version of MBAM i do have some problems with high usage of CPU and memory by three processes - mbam.exe, svhost.exe, chrome.exe or firefox.exe. Sometimes one of mentioned can take 90% of both CPU and Memory.


I don’t know if it's wrong settings, software problem or some virus but currently i don’t have chance to watch any VOD as after 4-5 minutes of normal use of pc it's going so slow that i watch movie in slow motion mode... Even if i will leave it without doing nothing it has a periods of high use of CPU and memory. Any scan by MBAM give positive result with no treats found. 


I need to also admit that all programs - office, browsers, old games - opening with a delay of 15-30 seconds. It's not normal for me as usual it was double-click and result.


I do know my laptop is not brand new but before changing it to 64bit version all was ok. Even first few months after change was ok. Just recently it start slowing down.

Win7 Pro 64 bit, SP1, Pentium Dual Core T4300 2.1GHZ, 4GB ram, GForce102M


I do not expect it to run newest games - it's just for normal office work, playing old games and watch movies.

I done some tests regarding internet connection which first came to my mind as can cause problems but unfortunately on other laptops everything works fine but only on this one i do have problem as well on Wi-Fi as by LAN connection. 30Mb/s shouldn’t have any problems with VOD sites at all... 


I don’t know which program logs you would like to see but please advise me and i will attach report for you. Similar problem with this laptop occurs 2 years ago but it was at that time problem with very long boot (10 minutes to see desktop). Currently it takes 1-2 minutes which is perfect for me. Last time you help me - hope this time will be same :) 

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Hi. I seem to be having the same problem too, and I upgraded from Windows Vista 32 Bit to Windows 7 64-Bit. And every person I see that has this problem has 4 GB of ram. Do you have a lot of hard drive space missing by any chance? When I upgraded and wiped the computer, about 80 GB was taken up in my drive. Windows 7 isn't that big.

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At the moment of instalation Windows is creating hidden back up drive which also consume some of your hard drive.


I don't want to recommend by name but there are few cache cleaners which should save you some of space + after cleaning defragmentation should also release some space. That what i done and what release a lot of it for me

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