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This is getting ridiculous

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I've been a loyal customer and using Malwarebytes for a long time without any problems. 

However, ever since the 3.0 update, there have been myriad problems with it. 

Even opening the tray icon takes a lot longer than before, it seems to use up almost 50% more RAM than it did before. The real problem is with the real time detection layers constantly turning on and off. Every time I open it to check, another different layer has turned off. Today, when I try to turn on real-time malware protection, it is constantly stuck at "Starting..." and refuses to turn back on. 

I have tried downgrading back to Mbam 2.0, but the popups every 5 minutes asking me to upgrade back up are too much.

Please resolve these issues, the old version was working fine. I think many others, and I included have half a mind to look for an alternative at this point.

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I know there is nothing I or any one could do or say to change you opinion . It would move the fixes along faster if more would work with the company to help isolate the issues instead of just complaining.

Now to assist with issue.

44 minutes ago, mrquality said:

I have tried downgrading back to Mbam 2.0, but the popups every 5 minutes asking me to upgrade back up are too much.

If you still want to use MBAM version 2 you can get it from the link below.  Be aware that it will eventually go EOL.


. Follow this post to fix your issue.

We appreciate everyone's effort here in providing logs and working with us, as we understand that it's not your job to make sure Malwarebytes works properly. However the information you provide as end users helps us track these issues and solve them not just for you, but for anyone else who may be experiencing the issues.

Again sorry you are displeased with the current 3.0.

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