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High CPU usage

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Hi Guys I recently updated my malwarebytes pro to version and ever since updating anytime I run a scan my CPU is at 75%. My cpu stays this high until scan is done, which does not take very long. I have an i7-6700l @ 4.00GHz and 16DDR4 Ram Win 10 64bit. I run high cpu programs and games, but my CPU almost never gets that high in usage. My question is why does Malware software use soo much cpu and how can I minimize this when running a scan?




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If you are running the scan while the MB3 Program is open and watching the scan as its being done it will use more resources.  If you close out of the window and let the scan happen in the background it should not use as many resources.  Currently that is the way MB3 is coded (they are working on a fix for it)

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16 minutes ago, BobSigny said:

My cpu stays this high until scan is done,


16 minutes ago, BobSigny said:

which does not take very long.

The above is the point of the high CPU. It designed to use all available CPU during a MANUAL scan to finish the scan as fast as possible.

19 minutes ago, BobSigny said:

how can I minimize this when running a scan?

The best way is to only do scheduled scans in the background.


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2 hours ago, BobSigny said:

Porthos - Thanks for the info. I was hoping there was a way to minimize cpu usage even if the scan takes a little longer. 

That has already been suggested and is an item that will be implemented in a future version in the future. Also they are also working on memory usage as well.

We just to sit back and wait, There are more more important issues to tackle first.

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Similar problem, except I am not running a manual scan - after logging in, CPU went to 90% or more, with a large chunk of that being Malwarebytes, and disk usage was 33%. System was unusable for 15 minutes or so; even task manager took a long time to come up.

Disk usage is still high, but that seems to be Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry.

(This is a Win 10 system with Windows Defender. Have had similar complaints from my wife earlier on her Win7 system with AVG)

Used to be, MBAM was not a big drag when running, unless running a manual scan, and I can understand it then. If I asked for the scan, I want it done quickly. But at boot time, I want to use the computer.

This all started after going to the most recent version of the program.

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Thanks. It was set to run a scheduled scan. I have now changed that.

But it never used to take so much CPU and disk when it wasn't a manual scan. This is something Malwarebytes needs to fix.

Background scans should be just that.

And we shut down the computers at night, so there is no good time to schedule a scan that takes so much resources.

Is anyone from Malwarebytes listening?

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Yes, the box had been checked. I unchecked it. You were correct.

And when it had high CPU today, when I opened Malwarebytes, it was, in fact, running a scan. Let's see tomorrow if it doesn't, now that I have turned that off.

That does still leave the problem that unless a scan was requested by the user, it should remain as unobtrusive as practical. Making the system hard to use for 18 minutes is not good.

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