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Windows 10 Pro BSOD Bad_Pool_Caller

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 I see that this type of error is occurring for others with the new version 3.0 and is being worked on, so there is no need to upload logs files unless y'all need them for finding a solution.

 I will provide some info JIC it can be helpful:

Been using MWB (registered/resident) since the early days of MWB.org, had very few issues.

Have always run it along side of NOD32 AV, many years, win XP, vista, win 7, 8 and now 10, very few issues.


I used Blue Screen Viewer to view the log for info and a Bing search brought me here.

I could not get MWB to uninstall the traditional way so I have run the MWB remover and reinstalled from a fresh 3.0 installer and "so far since" I have not BSOD again. 



If y'all need any info, if it will be helpful, just let me know.


Good Luck, ;-)




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No not yet, I did a full reinstall Thursday night so it must have been the version just before the beta release.   After running my PC all day today editing video, surfing the web, YouTube videos, converting video, creating a new FB page with no issues...I can whole heartedly say that removing MWB does fix the issue....thank goodness. At least it's not a hardware/driver issue.

 However I just don't feel fully secure without my MWB, I will try a clean reinstall of the beta now, do some testing and report back.

 Thanks for the heads up Porthos

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 I tried version "mb3-setup-consumer-" right after my last post here on Sunday and it made it to today (Wednesday) until I got another BSOD "Bad_Pool_Caller".

I was running a file folder backup with Acronis Ti 2016 and decided to download my nightly radio show while it was backing up, so I could put it on my mp3 player, and it BSOD'd the second I started up MS Edge.

I have all the latest updates from MS for win 10.

I just downloaded/installed "mb3-setup-consumer-" which I think is the latest, I'll give that a try now.

If this doesn't work I guess I'll have to uninstall MWB 3 until it's a little more perfected.


Thanks for the heads up d.collins

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